In order to strengthen and promote bilateral cooperation in December 2015. The Director General of LLP «National Centre of Accreditation" (hereinafter - JSC "NAC") Kurmangaliyev Serik Sholpankulovich a working visit to China accreditation body CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) in the city Beijing, China).

As part of the familiarization with the accreditation of China CNAS Authority activities, meetings were held with the Executive Director of CNAS Chao Jinhua (Xiao Jianhua) (note -. Was elected Chairman of the IAF for the period 2016-2018.), The Deputy Executive Director of CNAS Chen Yanhua ( Chen Yunhua) and Director of the Department of international cooperation Kesia Ma (Ma Kexian).

The accreditation system developed in China since 1993, after the adoption of the Law "On quality" and has a strong state support.

In the 1990s, China carried out the accreditation in 8 companies that have been merged into two of the accreditation body: CNAB - Chinese National Council certifiers iCNAL - Chinese national laboratories advice. In 2006, on the basis of these two organizations has been formed by a single body CNAS accreditation.

According to the legal form of CNAS is formed in the shape of the enterprise with one hundred percent state participation. The founder of CNAS is the Administration (Department) Quality, Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, which also reports to the Administration of the certification and accreditation regulatory issues of accreditation.

The total number of staff CNAS - 200 people, of which about 70 people - appraisers. State appraisers involved - about 3,000 people.

CNAS is a full member and a signatory to the agreements of the two international organizations (ILAC - International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation, IAF - International Accreditation Forum) and two regional organizations (PAC - Asia-Pacific Accreditation Cooperation, APLAC - Asia-Pacific cooperation on Laboratory Accreditation) .

In accordance with the provisions of international agreements on accreditation of organizations each accreditation body - signatory of the agreements should contribute to the recognition of test reports and certificates issued by foreign accreditation body - a signatory to the agreement.

At the same time, governments can set their own rules on the recognition of conformity assessment.

And in China in the field of mandatory government set its own requirements, providing for the passage of conformity assessment in the Chinese certification bodies or other procedures carried out by the authorized state bodies and organizations.

Following the visit to exchange experiences between CNAS and NCA was agreed the organization and conduct peer education and training of appraisers.