April 19, 2016, in a building of the Media Centre, live on the First National Youth Radio "Astana" was held by the Deputy General Director of "NCA" Sharipov D. J. of problematic issues for the implementation of the management system at the enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the interview, it was told about the history of the introduction of the management system of local enterprises, its role in ensuring the quality of products and services. Also noted the importance of employee engagement and leadership role in the implementation of the management system aimed at constant uluchshenie.Vo the meeting highlighted the issues of implementing the basic standards ISO 9000, as well as an information system for the issuance of certificates of compliance management system in line rezhime.V his speech Sharipov D .ZH. also spoke about the management system certification by foreign organizations and the recognition of their certificates in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as measures taken by the LLP "NAC" for the recognition of Kazakhstan Certificate of Conformity abroad management systems, in particular on the preparation to the evaluation of LLP "NAC" regional organization - Pacific cooperation accreditation of certification bodies (PAC) to expand the scope of accreditation LLP "NAC" on international ISO / IEC 17021 standard.


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