26 Мая 2016
LLP «National Centre of Accreditation" (hereinafter - NCA) reports that currently in NCA is working on the implementation of the requirements of IAF Mandatory Document for the collection of data to ensure the performance by the certification body of management systems (IAF the MD 15: 2014).

IAF MD 15: 2014 (copy attached) is a mandatory document for data collection for performance OPS SM and aims to provide information to the accreditation body for management of inspection activities. This document sets out a number of indicators that the accreditation body shall periodically collect and analyze in addition to conducting on-site assessments.

Today, acting «e-cabinet» for issuing certificates of conformity COOP online does not provide for the collection of the following data set out in IAF MD 15: 2014: The number of auditors, the number of accepted transfers, the number of overdue audits and the amount of spent audit days.

In this regard, the program «e-cabinet» amended, providing for the collection of the above data.

Based on the above, all you need to SEE TSOs, before July 1 of this year, to examine the requirements of IAF MD 15: 2014, and carry out work on its implementation.

According to the information of the International Accreditation Forum IAF MD date of introduction of 15: 2014 is defined with the July 14, 2016.

For more information on the implementation of IAF MD 15: 2014, as well as other documents IAF MD, for which there is a reference to the IAF MD 15: 2014, can be accessed by phone: 5/27/36, 5/27/16, 44-64 -55.
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