26 Мая 2016
LLP «KazMedServiceGroup» together with the LLP «National Centre of Accreditation" for the first time on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan conducts a training seminar on the topic "Theoretical and practical aspects of the creation and control of analytical quality in medical laboratories in accordance with the technical requirements of ISO 15189: 2012" Medical laboratories. Requirements for quality and competence "in the period from 6 to 10 June 2016 in Astana.

One of the key aspects for the development and implementation of quality management system in a medical laboratory based on ISO standard 15189: 2012 (ST RK ISO 15189: 2015) is to ensure the analytical quality, that is, the quality of test systems on the analytical phase of the laboratory.

The seminar program is proposed to study both theoretical and practical aspects of analytical quality control in medical laboratories, application of the calculation and evaluation of measurement uncertainty, including the use of ready-made tools for calculation of analytical information on the test systems.

The workshop will be interesting medical laboratory personnel directly engaged in research on various test systems and ensure the quality of their performance, as well as other staff involved in the implementation of the quality management system, including the preparation of laboratory accreditation to ISO 15189 standard.

Education holds a leading expert on analytical quality in medical laboratories and the use of CLSI protocols in the field of laboratory medicine, one of the authors www.15189.ru Site and copyright of the course designer for the validation and verification of laboratory research methods, medical director for quality laboratory "Synevo" (Republic Belarus) Gennady S. Turka.

The cost of training one specialist is 55 000 (fifty five thousand) tenge.
Venue: Astana, st. Orynbor, 11, building "Reference center", a conference hall.

As a result of the workshop the students provided training certificate.

The number of places at the seminar is limited.

Application for participation in the seminar, please send us with an indication of the number of listeners, banking and legal enterprise details on e-mail: info@kmsg.kz, 2019315@mail.ru.

For information on interesting questions contact tel .: 87012774547, 87026103015.
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